Nola SD customizes each massage to your body. We understand that the needs of each person is different so each session isnt categorized as a Swedish or Deep Tissue, instead we chose the amount of time needed to properly address eachs clients needs. Everyone is made differently so your massage should be different as well. This give you a completely individualized experience.

60 Minute Massage

A more focused massage aimed at releasing chronic tension patterns allowing muscles to relax, release toxins & restore the flow of oxygen to the muscles. It allows the therapist just enough time to address the whole body. 


Prenatal Massage

A massage geared towards mom-to-be and her baby.  Prenatal massage can reduce stress and aniexty through massage techniques and breathing practices.


90 Minute Massage

This option has all the benefits of a 60 minute massage with the added advantage of being able to futher address issues or indulge in extra time in favortie massage technique.

Pre/Post Event Massage

Pre event massage treatments help quicken recovery time during training for an event. Post  event recovery massage helps return the body to its regular state.

Couples Massage


Therepeutic Series
3 Session Package- $170 $ 56.66 per session
5 Session Package- $260 $ 52.00 per session
8 Session Package- $400 $ 50.00 per session
10 Session Package-  $460 $ 46.00 per session


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