The Staff

After many hours searching NolaSD has selected only the very best team members. We hold our team memebers to the high standards of NolaSD to ensure the clients satisfaction, quality of services and individualized care remain at a level we can be proud of.



Personal Trainer/Owner
Massage Therapist/Owner

Carlos' desire to teach fitness stems from past personal experiences on the "health roller coaster". He teaches strength and smart choices over being skinny because he believes this is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Veronica has been a massage therapist for 8 years and loves it. As a military veteran her passion to serve others shows through her care for her clients.


Massage Therapist/ Admin



Thu graduated with a degree in Communications from UCSD and along with her work for San Diego based Non-Profits; we are excited to have her aboard helping spread the word about Nola San Diego.

Cristal's love for holistic care has inspired her to become both a massage therapist and personal trainer. She will be heading our outdoor fitness regiments next year!


Massage Therapist


Massage Therapist

Hawaiian heritage and a personal healing journey lead Julissa to a path of massage therapy. She has been a therapist as well as a teacher of massage and continues to grow her extensive range of massage modalities.

Also an artist and musician, Lin possesses the many skills which help him thrive as a massage therapist. His attention to detail allows him to him address each client’s individual needs while creating a unique atmosphere for healing.


Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist of 8 years with a chiropractic group, Arlene's knowledge of anatomy and the skeletal system allow her to uniquely create a therapeutic massage session to fit any client's needs.