The Staff

After many hours searching NolaSD has selected only the very best team members. We hold our team memebers to the high standards of NolaSD to ensure the clients satisfaction, quality of services and individualized care remain at a level we can be proud of.

Veronica D.
Massage Therapist/Owner

Veronica has been a massage therapist for 8 years and loves it. She started her practice as a therapist in a spa setting for a hotel and moved into her own personal out call practice before opening NolaSD in 2010. With an Army background, Veronica found personal niche with athletic clients. She has been able to help "her athletes" quicly come back from injury, improve performance, and prepare for future events. Her ideas behind opening and running a business are deeply rooted in the overall care and well-being of clients and the benefits that come along with the proper understanding and education of massage. As a veteran, a wife and mother of two, she is happy about this current venture in her life and excited for whatever the future may hold.

Carlos M
Personal Trainer/Owner

After being 70lbs over weight and showing signs of early high blood pressure and high cholestrol Carlos decided to change his life. Carlos has been a personal trainer since 2011 and is certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Before graduating from a 18 month personal training program Carlos was also an intern in the USD Athletic Department. He is dedicated and devoted to bringing out the very best of his clients. With a proven track record and functional technique Carlos is here to help you reach your goals whther they be losing weight, running  marathons, or simply increasing stamina.

Massage Therapist

Our newest member to the team. Julissa specializes in Deep Tissue.